Changes to the Course

This year we are delighted to announce a new course layout that involves no return to the higher ground when the first 9 holes are completed. This has been achieved without altering the integrity of the course, each hole retaining the character and make up as originally conceived by the great course designer Pat Ruddy. We have added a new pathway through the old section of woodland that links hole 7 (formerly 12) with hole 8 (formerly 11). The final result adds a new dimension to the beauty of the course. We are confident that the new changes will be enjoyed by everyone as it has by those that have already had the pleasure of playing it.

Hole changes:

Hole 7 was previously 12

Hole 8 was previously 11

Hole 9 was previously 7

Hole 10 was previously 8

Hole 11 was previously 9

Hole 12 was previously 10

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