Hole 18

Hole 18

Hole 18  Par 5  437 Metres ‘The Laundry’

The Shortes par 5, a good birdie opportunity. A good drive down the right  hand side of fairway avoiding bunker on left will leave the green reachale with second shot. The green is shallow, slopes back to front and is protected by sand front and back. A shot from the bunker at back may result in the next shot being from the bunker in front. a birdie here makes the 19th hole more enjoyable.

Situated on the right of the 18th fairway is the Laundry, presently the home of the Smith Family which was originally the laundry for the estate.

Gents Meters
Blue White Green Par Index
437 437 412 5 14
Ladies Meters
Index Par Red
6 4 287

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