Hole 3

Hole 3

HOLE 3   Par 3   204 Metres “THE BIRCHES”

A long but beautiful par 3 played from an elevated tee demanding a solid tee shot to a shallow green protected by a bunker at front and an unseen one at rear. The green rises from the left to right and demandsan experienced eye to read its subtleties.

As an appreciation of the magnificent variety of trees on the golf course this hole was so named because of the copper and silver birch lining the fairway. The great diversity of trees to be found includes 8 varieties of Oak, the rarest been an English Oak and the only one to be found in the locality, American Redwood, Cedar, Ash the rarest being African.

Gents Meters
Blue White Green Par Index
204 180 173 3 9
Ladies Meters
Index Par Red
12 3 150

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