Hole 4

Hole 4

HOLE 4    Par 4    446 Metres “VAN DIEMENS”

The most difficult par 4 on the course. A long accurate tee shot is needed to reach the fairway bunker. Only the longest hitters will attempt to thread the ball between the bunker and trees on the left. The second shot is very demanding as the out of bounds on the right and bunker short of the green with a swale behind it demand length and accuracy. A bogey here is never refused.

Located in the adjoining towns land of Donaguile. Due to the demolition of the house in Pitcher St. A family was relocated to this area and they left it so keenly at being sent out of the town that they styled it Van Diemen’s it being for them the equivalent of a transportation order.

Gents Meters
Blue White Green Par Index
446 376 368 4 1
Ladies Meters
Index Par Red
2 4 307

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