Hole 7

Hole 7

HOLE 7   Par 4   277 Metres “AN DROIGHEAD”

(This was previously Hole 12)

A short pretty par 4 requires a tee shot of some 160 metres. As there is out of bounds on the right. The green with no bunkers for protection is protected by the sever slope from back to front right. A high soft second shot  gives the best chance of par.

The bridge was originally constructed to provide access from the blue gate via the Majors walk to the estate. Renovated during the construction of the course this bridge has changed direction at least 3 times in its history and is now back to its original design. The stone used in its renovation came from the ruin of Castlecomer House.

Gents Meters
Blue White Green Par Index
277 277 267 4 11
Ladies Meters
Index Par Red
7 4 245

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