Hole 9

Hole 9

HOLE 9   Par 3    125 Metres “ABYSSINIA”

(This hole was previously hole 7)

The shortest of the 18 holes but one of the most beautiful and spectacular par 3’s in golf. The tee shot uphill must be threaded between the rare English Oak on the right and the giant cedars on the left, to a green sloping back to front. Anything short will be swallowed up by the deep bunker at the front. Judging the wind is not easy and adds a further difficulty to this short hole.

The coincidence that this hole is a par 3 played through a tree lined fairway is amazing as it is a replica of the 7th hole on our original course in Clashduff. A war in Abyssinia now known as Ethiopia coincided with the founding of our club in 1935 and this name became famous with golfers throughout Ireland. In modern day parlance it was the signature hole of that course. Many a battle was fought for par.

Gents Meters
Blue White Green Par Index
125 125 117 3 17
Ladies Meters
Index Par Red
16 3 91

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