Seniors News

Captain Michael Doheny


Captain:   Michael Doheny
Vice Captain:   Kieran Brennan
Treasurer:   Mick McGrath
Assistant Treasurer:   Johnny Hardy
Secretary:   Donie Walsh
Competition Sec:   Tommy O’Neill
Committee:   Christy Comerford, Pat Morrissey, John Shore

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Wednesday Results 22nd  March. 
1st  Ollie Gleeson, Donie Walsh , Shan butler.        65pts
2nd Seamie Brennan, Frank Dormer, Jim Doran, Richie Hogan      58pts
3rd Kieran Brennan, Sean Scanlon, John Shore        56pts.
Notice: Seniors golf next Wed,  8th Mar, takes us to Portarlington G.C., weather permitting !!!
1st tee time is 10.10 hrs and green fee cost is €10(subsidised).
If you intend travelling, please text me at 0872892887 and include your name on the text.
More information about arrangements for the outing will be provided over the weekend. 

Congratulations to Paddy Neary on having a recent hole in one at the 15th, receiving a presentation from 2022 Seniors Captain Christy Comerford.

1st Mar 2023.  Wednesdays Results.

1st:   J.Brennan (7), M.Furlong (15), M.McGrath (20) M.O’Connor (14)     65 pts

2nd:   N.Ryan (19), P.Graham (21), S.Butler (11)        58pts

3rd:   D.Walsh (13), J.Stedmond (10), J.Hynes (15)     57pts (b7)

4th:   C.Comerford (8), G.Comerford (15), J.Shore (37)     57pts

26th Feb 2023.  NOTICE: Poleforking and sand spreading of the greens will take place on Mon, Tues and Wednesday, 6th, 7th and 8th March. As an alternative, we will have an away outing on Wednesday, 8th March, probably Rathdowney or Athy. To qualify for any discounts  that apply on the day, you will need to have played a minimum of one Wed since 1st Jan with the Seniors. More info next Wed., 1st March.

22nd Feb 2023.  Wednesdays Results.

1st:   C.Comerford (8), S.Coogan (13), P.Morrissey (16) J.Hardy (25)     58 pts

2nd:   T.O’Neill (4), J.Stedmond (10), O.Gleeson (10)        56 pts (b7)

3rd:   S.Scanlan (10), J.Mulcahy (7), M.Connolly (14)     56pts

4th:   P.McGuinness (9), E.Fogarty (21), F.Dormer (17)     53pts

15th Feb 2023.  Wednesdays Results.

1st:   T.O’Neill (5), E.Fogarty (21), C.McGrath (21)     45.17 

2nd:   R.Hogan (13), M.O’Donnell (12), J.Doran (27),  J.Hardy (25)       46.37 

3rd:   J.Brennan (7), J.Kelly (12), J.Shore (37)    46.67

8th Feb 2023.  Wednesdays Results.

1st:   M.Connan (9), M.Pollock (20), S.Coogan (13)     63 pts

2nd:   M.O’Donnell (13), F.Dormer (17), J.Doran (27)        60 pts 

3rd:   T.O’Neill (5), J.Hardy (25), T.Brennan (18)     56pts

1st Feb 2023.  Wednesdays Results.

1st:   M.Connan (9), M.Pollock (20), J.Hardy (26)     65 pts

2nd:   T.O’Neill (5), S.Butler (11), D.O’Neill (22)        63 pts (b9)

3rd:   S.Brennan (17), J.Mulcahy (7), S.Coogan (13)     63pts

4th:   M.Doheny (13), R.Hogan (13), P.Mulhall (18), A.Kelly (14)    62pts

25th Jan 2023.  Wednesdays Results.

1st:   M.O’Connor (14), F.Dormer (18), P.Mulhall (18)     57 pts (b6)

2nd:   M.O’Donnell (13), G.Comerford (16), J.St6edmond (10)        57 pts 

3rd:   T.Staunton (11), D.Walsh (13), C.Comerford (8)     55pts

4th Jan 2023.  Wednesdays Results.

1st:   T.Staunton (11), M.Mealy (13), C.McGrath (21)     60 pts

2nd:   M.Coonan (9), M.O’Connor (14), D.O’Neill (22)        59 pts 

3rd:   J.Brennan (7), M.O’Donnell (13), J.Doran (27)     58pts

4th:   M.Furlong (15), S.Scanlon (10), P.Mulhall (18)     57pts

28th Dec 2022. Wednesdays Results. 

1st:   J.Brennan (7), P.Morrissey (16), M.Doheny (14)     57 pts

2nd:   T.O’Neill (5), M.O’Donnell (13), T.Slevin (18)        53 pts 

3rd:   J. Hardy (26), S.Brennan (17), G.Comerford (16)     51pts (b7)

23rd Dec 2022. Seniors Captain, Christy Comerford and the Seniors Committee send their best wish to all our members for Xmas and 2023. Not forgetting our former members and those who have not played with us for some time  !!!! A special good wish to our members who are ill or have been unwell – we wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you in 2023.

21st Dec 2022. 10 Hole Champagne Scramble. 

1st:   Murty Coonan (10), Martin Mealy (13), Frank Dormer (18)     58 pts

2nd:   Christy Comerford (8), Pat Morrissey (16), Seamus Brennan (17)        53 pts 

3rd:   John Hardy (26), Paudie Mulhall (18), Michael Doheny (14)     52pts

30th Nov 2022. Wednesday Results. 

1st:   M.Coonan (10), G.Comerford (16), T.Casey (19)     61 pts

2nd:   T.O’Neill (5), M.Doheny (14), M.Pollock (20)        60 pts (b7)

3rd:   J.Brennan (7), M.McGrathl (20), S.Coogan (12)     60pts

4th:   M.Furlong (15), M.O’Donnell (13), J.Hardy (26)     56pts

23rd Nov 2022. Wednesday Results. 

1st:   K.Brennan (9), S.Brennan (18), F.Dormer (18)     60 pts

2nd:   M.Furlong (15), M.Coonan (10), M.O’Donnell (13)  J.Hardy (26)        57 pts (b9)

3rd:   O.Gleeson (10), D.O’Neill (21), G.Comerford (16)     54pts

16th Nov 2022. Wednesday Results. 

1st:   K.Brennan (9), S.Brennanl (18), T.Casey (19)     60 pts

2nd:   M.Furlong (15), P.Graham (21), K.Ryan (21)    59 pts (b9)

3rd:   S.Butler (11), D.O’Neill (21), F.Dormer (-)     59pts

9th Nov 2022. Wednesday Results. 

1st:   A.Kelly (14), M.Dohenyl (14), M. O’Connor (14)  P.Morrissey (15)     59 pts

2nd:   S.Scanlon (10), J.Kelly (12), S.Brennan (18)   58 pts

3rd:   J.Brennan (7), G.Comerford (16), J.Doran (27)   55pts (b9)

29th Oct 2022. Seniors Golfer of the Year competition for ladies and gents for 2022 has now concluded, with the  results as follows;
1st – Eddie Fogarty, 177pts.
2nd – Tom Staunton, 175pts.
3rd – Johnny Brennan and Matt Pollock, 171pts.
1st – Joan Coonan, 99pts.
2nd – Marnie Brennan,  95 pts.
Congratulations to all  the winners.
1. From next Wed,  3rd November,  revert back to your full Green / Red handicap. 
2. If you intend going to the Seniors Xmas Dinner, please confirm your intention by next Wednesday one of the following;
Johnny Hardy, 0876289480;
Mick McGrath, 0872423175;
Tommy O Neill,  0877674727.

26th Oct 2022. Seniors Golf Results.

1st.  Ed Fogarty (31)   38pts 

2nd   G. O’Neill (30)   33pts 

3rd   K.Brennan (14)   32pts

4th   M.O’Donnell (20)   32pts 

5th.  J.McGrath (40)   32pts 

6th.   P.Haughton (28)   31pts 

7th.   D.Farrell (20)   31pts

8th   J.Stedmond (15)   31pts 


1st.  Eil Fogarty   (26)    24pts

12th Oct 2022. Wednesday Results. 

1st:   M.Coonan (15), D.O’Neill (32), Marnie Brennan (40)      86 pts

2nd:   P.Graham (32), T.Cooper (30), T.Casey (28)   78 pts

3rd:   E.Fogarty (31), R.Hogan (18), F.Dormer (28)     77pts

10th Oct 2022. Rathdowney Results. 

1st:   M.Doheny (21), M.Pollock (29), J.Hardy (29), D.Farrell (21)       88 pts (b9)

2nd:   J.Brennan (9), M.Connolly (20), P.Graham (32)   88 pts

3rd:   M.Coonan (15), P.Morrissey (22), P.Shore (28)  E.Fogarty (31)   85pts

4th:   D.Walsh (19), Marj Gannon (30), J.Stedmond (15)     81pts

5th Oct 2022. Final Seniors outing for 2022 is next Monday, 10th October to Rathdowney,  tee off 9.30 – 11.30.
If you intend travelling,  give your name to Johnny Hardy at 087 6289480 by Friday night. 
Timesheet will be circulated on Sat night.
Also, presentation of Christy Comerford’s Captain’s prize for 2022 to winner Kathleen Ryan will take place next Wed, 12th October at 9.30am in the clubhouse before Seniors golf.

5th Oct 2022. Wednesday Results. 

1st:   P.Morrissey (23), C.Comerford (13), M.Furlong (23)  T.Mooney (15)   77 pts

2nd:   J.Mulcahy (11), M.McGrath (30), J.Purcell (20)   77 pts

3rd:   J.Hynes (23), F.Dormer (28), J.Stedmond (15)    76pts

29th Sept 2022. A date for your diary  !!!
Final Seniors outing for 2022 is on Mon,10th October to Rathdowney, with first tee off at 9.30.
Green fees €10, buggies €10, Meal €14.
Names to Johnny Hardy (Mob 0876289480)  if you intend travelling.

28th Sept 2022. Seniors Golf Results.

1st.  Michael Doheny (21)   39pts 

2nd   J. McGrath (42)   38pts  (b9)

3rd   Tommy Staunton (17)   38pts (b9)

4th   P.Neary (18)   38pts 

5th   J.Brennan (10)   37pts

21st Sept 2022. Wednesday Results. 

1st:   J.Kelly (19), Ed Fogarty (32), T. Casey (29)       88 pts

2nd:   P.Neary (18), G.O’Neill (30), Eil Fogarty (27)   86 pts

3rd:   R.Hogan (19), F.Dormer (28), K.Ryan (32)  C. McGrath (31)   83pts

19th Sept 2022. Portarlington Results. 

1st:   T.Mooney (15), J.Hardy (30), T.Staunton (17), J.Doran (41)       87 pts

2nd:   O.Gleeson (15), S.Butler (17), M.Brennan (40)   78 pts

3rd:   T.O’Neill (8), L.Maddock (20), D.O’Neill (33)     76pts

4th:   C.Comerford (14), G.O’Neill (30), T.Slevin (28)     75pts

13 cards returned

14th Sept 2022. Wednesday Results. 

1st:   P.McGuinness (13), M.Furlong (23), M.Doheny (22)       77 pts

2nd:   T.Staunton (17), E.Fogarty (32), J.Doran (41)   75 pts

3rd:   M.Mealy(22), T.Slevin (28), P.Haughton (27)     71pts

4th:   J.McGrath (22), C.McGrath (28), Eil Gogarty (27)     70pts

14 cards returned

7th Sept 2022. Wednesday Results. 

1st:   M.Doheny (21), T.Cooper(31), C.Comerford (15)       78 pts

2nd:   T.Staunton (17), O.Maher (33), F.Dormer (28)   77 pts

3rd:   T.Brennan (27), S.Brennan (27), P.Parle (28)     75 pts

8 cards returned

7th Sept 2022. Our next Seniors golf outing is to Portarlington on Mon,  19th September,  9.30 – 11.30. Green fees €10, meal approx €15.
If you intend to travel, give your name to Johnny Hardy or call him at 087 6289480.

11th Aug 2022. Hard luck to our J.B.Carr team who were beaten 3 – 2 yesterday in ‘Comer by Royal Curragh ( 2nd leg of Leinster final) – only a puck of a ball in it, by all accounts. And well represented by our Seniors members too !!!! Donie.

10th Aug 2022. Wednesday Results. 

1st:   P.Neary (28), T.Brennan (18), Mai McEvoy (38)       77 pts

2nd:   G.Mealy (18), D.O’Neill (34), Betty Owens (25)   75 pts

3rd:   J.Hardy (30), J.McGrath (43), Jean Ryan (43)     74 pts

11 cards returned

9th Aug.2022. Info for Seniors golf outing to Roscrea for tomorrow week,  Wed, 17th Aug.
1. Green fees €5( subsidised).
2. Buggies €10(subsidised).
3. Meal €17.
As there are only 3 Buggies available  + one from one of our members,  please confirm your requirements tomorrow to Johnny Hardy or call him at 087 6289480.
Road closure from Durrow to Ballacolla to Borris – in – Ossory, currently in operation, will finish this weekend,  according to Laois Co. Council.
Also please note !!!!!
Beware of wasps nest in base of tree at 17th tee box in ‘Comer.
Erin’s Own Golf Classic will take place on Friday, 19th August in Castlecomer Golf Club – cost is €40 for golf and meal. If you wish to play or be on a team, contact Sean Scanlan at 087 9372617 for further information.

3rd Aug 2022. Wednesday Results. 

1st:   J.McGrath (43), T.Brennan (29), O.Maher (33)       81 pts

2nd:   J.Mulcahy (12), J.Kelly (19), J.Shore (36)   80 pts

3rd:   M.O’Donnell (20), P.Graham (30), J.Doran (40)     78 pts

10 cards returned

2nd Aug 2022. Thanks to all our Seniors members who helped out with their services during Open Week. Without your help, the show could not go on. To all who helped out in any capacity, many thanks  and the Open Week committee really appreciated the time and effort you put in to making the week a great success.  Donie.
24th July 2022. Our ‘Comer J.B.Carr team, comprising of a substantial number of our Seniors members, are playing the Leinster final on 3rd and 10th August ( home and away). Our Seniors Captain’s prize day, planned for Wednesday, 3rd August, has now been postponed to Wed, 24th Aug. Our best wishes to our Seniors players, including our Captain Christy Comerford and here’s hoping they do the business over the two days !!!!
And finally, a note for your diary; 
Our next outing is on Wed, 17th August to Roscrea Golf Club  – more details later.

20th July 2022.Seniors Golf Results. Golfer Of  The Year

1st.  Martin Mealy (22)   37pts 

2nd   Richie Hogan (19)   36pts 

3rd   Johnny Brennan (12)   36pts

4th   Matt Pollock (30)   36pts 

5th   Christ Comerford  (17)   35pts

6th   Kieran Brennan (16)   35pts 

7th   Gerry Mealy (18)   35pts

8th   Tom Staunton  (19)    34pts

40 cards returned

Ladies Competition

1st   Joan Coonan  (31)    32pts

2nd   Delia Donohoe  (27)    32pts

5 cards returned

18th July 2022. Seniors golf this Wed,  20th July, is a singles stableford competition for ladies and gents and is a Golfer of the Year competition. Check in as normal with Pat Morrissey/Ml. Doheny /Johnny Hardy for your card, playing partners and rules for the day.  Ensure you know your correct Green/Red handicap. Incorrect handicaps will result in disqualification. 
Good luck to all on the day.
P.S. If you intend playing on Wed,  27th July in the Seniors Open Week competition, you must book your tee time online in advance. 
13th July 2022. Three items for your Seniors diary;
1.   Next Wed,  20th July will be a singles stableford Golfer of the Year competition for ladies and gents ( postponed from today and apologies for non notification of change).
2.  Wed, 27th July is Open Week Seniors Single Stableford competition day. You must book online to play in this competition. 
3.  Wed, 3rd August is our Seniors Captain Prize Day. This is a single stableford competition and also counts as a golfer of the year competition. 
More details before all of the above events.

13th July 2022. Wednesday Results. 

1st:   M.Coonan (18), D.O’Neill (34), J.McGrath (43)  93 pts

2nd:   J.Mulcahy (10), E.McEvoy (29), J.Shore (36)   83 pts

3rd:   T.O’Neill (8), John Kelly (20), P.Kelly (37)     78 pts

6th July 2022. Wednesday Results. (Classic)

1st:   Johnny Brennan (12), Ger Comerford (25), Frank Dormer (28)   81 pts

2nd:   Paddy Neary (18), Tony Carr (23), Eileen Fogarty (26)   80 pts

3rd:   Seamie Brennan (26), John Kelly (20), Mai McEvoy (38)     76 pts

29th June 2022. Wednesday Results.

1st:   Marty Connolly (20), John McGrath (43), John Shore (37)   81 pts

2nd:   John Kelly (20), Pat Parle (20), Tom Casey (28)   72 pts

3rd:   Paddy Neary (18), Martin Mealy (22), Jim Doran (40)     71 pts

27th June 2022. Bunclody Outing Results.

1st:   Seamie Brennan (26), John McGrath (44), Tony Cooper (31) Eddie Fogarty (34)    96 pts

2nd:   Michael Condon (32), Brian Harrington (25), Tom Teehan (32)  Johnny Brennan (12)   93 pts

3rd:  Marty Connolly (20), Frank Dormer (28), John Shore (37)  Donie O’Neill (34)    92 pts

22nd June 2022. Scramble Results.

1st:   Shan Butler (19), Richie Hogan (19), John Shore (37)   50   3/6   (b9)

2nd:   Dick Farrell (21), John McGrath (43), Pat Haughton (29)   50 3/6

3rd:   Johnny Brennan (12), Eamonn McEvoy (29), Eileen Fogarty (26)     51 5/6

4th:  Kieran Brennan (16), Phil Shore (28), Christy McGrath (33)  52 1/6

39 played

15th June 2022. Wednesday Results.

1st:   J. Hardy (30), T.Carr (23), B.Owens (24)  M.Pollock (31)         76 pts

3 cards submitted

14th June 2022. Gowran Park Outing Results.

1st:   C.Comerford (18), M.McGrath (34), D.Walsh (18)   100 pts

2nd:   N.Brennan (23), T.Brennan (28), P.Neary (18)  M.Gannon (32)   98 pts

3rd:   M.Pollock (31), M.Connolly (20), P.Parle (30)  M.McEvoy (38)     96 pts

4th:  K.Brennan (16), S.Coogan (21), J.Doran (40)  E.McEvoy (29)    94 pts

46 played

8th June 2022.Seniors Golf Results.
Pat Byrne Trophy

1st.  R.Hogan (20)   36pts (b6)

2nd   M.Pollock (31)   36pts 

3rd   T.Slevin (28)   35pts (b6)

4th   T.Staunton (19)   35pts (b6)

5th   T.Mooney  (16)   35pts

6th   M.McGrath (33)   34pts (b6)

7th   J.Stedmond (16)   34pts

39 cards returned

6th June 2022. Seniors golf on Wed 8th June is for the Pat Byrne trophy. This competition will be played for by the men and a separate competition will be played for by the ladies. Both will count for Golfer of the Year points.
Check in as normal with Johnny Hardy/Pat Morrissey to get your card, partners and rules for the day. Please check you are using your correct Green /Red handicap, as this is a single stableford competition.
Also, for clarification; The stableford points on your score card are used for Golfer of the Year purposes. So, whether you finish first or last, your stableford points count and lots can change over the next number of Golfer of the Year days !!!!
Good luck to everyone.
Outing to Gowran on Tues,  14th June ; Please give your name to Johnny Hardy on this Wed if you intend travelling. 

1st June 2022. Wednesday Results.

1st:   J. Lacey (22), M.Connolly (20), J.Purcell (22)   45.33

2nd:   C.Comerford (17), S.Brennan (26), B.Owens (24)   T.Carr (23)  49.75

3rd:   M.Coonan (17), M.Mealy (22), T.Casey (28)   49.83

4th:  J.Brennan (11), E.McEvoy (29), J.Doran (40)   50.67

33 played

25th May 2022. Wednesday Results.

1st:   T. O’Neill (8), G. Mealy (15), O. Gleeson (15)   70

2nd:   J.Hardy (31), T.Carr (23), J.Doran (40), R.Hogan (20)   66

3rd:  P. Neary (18), F.Dormer (28), S.Mansfield (29)   64

5 cards submitted

19th May 2022. Some dates for your Seniors diary :
1. Pat Byrne trophy, Wed,  8th June.
2. Golfer of the Year competition ( ladies and gents), Wed, 13th July.
3. Captain’s Prize Day, Wed,  3rd Aug.
Also, two upcoming outings !!!
1. Gowran, Tues 14th June, first tee off at 9.30.
2. Bunclody, Mon 27th June, first tee off at 9.30.
Further details nearer the events.

18th May 2022. Wednesday Results.

1st:   Tommy O’Neill (8), Johnny Hardy (31), Tom Casey (28)   39.6

2nd:   Dick Farrell (22), Eileen Fogarty (26), Donie O’Neill (34)   41.6

3rd:   John McGrath (42), Jim Doran (40), Seamie Coogan (19)   42.8

4th:  Pat Kelly (37), Mick McGrath (34), Tommy Brennan (29)   44

30 played

11th May 2022. Seniors golfers are asked,  if at all possible, to support the Club Fundraiser ( Team Championship), which runs from Thursday 26th May to Saturday 29th May.  Thursday has been marked as the preferred day for Seniors to play, as it frees up the course on the other three days for other players. This is a really important revenue earner for the club and your support would be greatly appreciated. 
You can book online, or if you prefer, you can contact Delia O Donohoe, who will book you or your team onto the timesheet 
Thanks in advance for your support.

11th May 2022. Wednesday Results.

1st:   Michael Furlong (19), Christy Tyan (30), John McGrath (42)   78pts

2nd:   Paddy Neary (18), Seamus Brennan (26), Tom Casey (28)   77pts

3rd:   Richy Hogan (20), Eamon McEvoy (28), Betty Owens (23)   76pts (b9)

4th:  John Mulcahy (10), Pat Morrissey (23), Johnny Hardy (31)   76pts

9th May 2022. Athy Outing Results.

1st:   Gerry Mealy (14), Jim O’Reilly (25), Donie O’Neill (34)   97pts

2nd:   Murty Coonan (17), Matt Pollock (31), Delia O’Donoghue (27)   88pts

3rd:   Christy Comerford (18), Sean Mansfield (29), Phil Shore (28)   87pts

4th:  Mick McGrath (34), Frank Dormer (28), Marjie Gannon (32)   86pts

52 cards returned

Results 4th May 2022. 

1st:   Ollie Gleeson (17), Mick McGrath (34), Mai McEvoy (36)   81pts

2nd:   John Mulcahy (10), Michael O’Neill (35), Matt Pollock 31)   73pts

3rd:   Paddy Neary (18), Noel Brennan (23), Maureen Norton (17)   72pts 

4th:  Richie Hogan(18), Eddie Fogarty (35), Betty Owens (23)   71pts

42 Played

1st May 2022. SENIORS FIXTURES: Wdnesday 4th May ( today ) 14 hole team stableford; Monday 9th May, Outing to Athy golf club re 18 hole atableford team classic ( note handicaps pff green tees are full Castlecomer green handicaps _ Make sure  your handicap is correct. If you are in any doubt, please get it confirmed by Mr Tommy  O’ Neill before the round begins. Also check rules that may or not apply on the day like placing etc. 

Results 27th April 2022. 

1st:   Johnny Brennan (11), Pat Morrissey (23), Tony Cooper (31)   65pts

2nd:   Michael Furlong (19), Christy Comerford (17), Delia O’Donohue (27)   64pts

3rd:   Liam Maddock (20), Paudie Mulhall (26), Johnny Hardy (31), Tom Casey (28)  62pts (b9)

4th:  Gerry Mealy (14), Ollie Maher (22), Betty Owens (23)   62pts

43 Played

Seniors Golf Results,  20/4/22.
Well done to Austin Kelly, winner of the Bog Oak Trophy and also well done to Marnie Brennan, winner of the ladies competition

Bog Oak Trophy

1st. Austin Kelly (24)   39pts

2nd Pat Graham (30)   36pts (b9)

3rd John Mulcahy (10)   36pts

4th Johnny Brennan (11)   36pts

5th Paddy Neary  (18)   36pts

6th Eddie Fogarty (35)   35pts

7th Matt pollock (31)   35pts

48 cards returned

Seniors ladies Results

1st   Marnie Brennan  (35)   29pts

2nd   Joan Coonan   (32)  28pts

3rd Noreen Kinsella  (33)  24pts

7 cards returned

15th Apr 2022. Seniors golf next Wed, 20th April, will have the men competing for the Bog Oak Trophy, with a separate competition for the ladies. Both competitions will also count for the Golfer of the Year competitions. Check in as normal with Johnny Hardy/Pat Morrissey, where you will be allocated your card, playing partners and rules for the day. Lunch also available for €10, give yourself a day off and enjoy the inquests/banter afterwards !!!!
If you have not checked your Green Handicap recently, please do so as we are still coming across wrong handicaps and this will result in disqualification.
Good luck to all on the day.
Ladies to check their Red handicaps, even though no incorrect handicaps encountered so far !!!!
14th Apr 2022. Mr Donie Walsh, seniors’ secretary confirmed to a large gathering of golfers in the clubhouse on Wednesday morning the following 6 points that we are duty-bound to keep in mind, because I have never ever met anyone who takes any pleasure from having to explain to a possible winner of a prize that they didn’t! Please, please avoid it, for your own sake, but also for  Leo or Tommy or whoever: (1) the 2022 “Golfer of the Year” series commences on Wednesday, 20th April, next week with the first singles 16 holes Stableford competition at Castlecomer golf club. This is great news for everyone after two years of stop-start under covid lockdowns and severe restrictions so hallelujah! Amen! Amen!
      Donie also announced the clarification of quite basic and necessary issues as follows (2) entrants to the golfer of the year series must have paid their full annual sub to the office for full adult membership of Castlecomer golf club; (3) have paid their seniors’ annual sub of €10 and (4) have paid,of course, the competition fee to seniors’ treasurer, Mr Johnny Hardy, at his usual seat in the bar, at the window overlooking the 18th green.
      Donie is to be commended for the above clarification but (5)  of even more relevance, of course, is the playing handicaps update. Donie confirmed very clearly and unambiguously, that a further reason for  disqualification in the competition on the day is writing your wrong handicap on your scorecard. There is now no further reason for this error and believe you me, why the GUI changed the handicap system is beyond me and beggars belief! So, genuinely, this very, very, complicated and not so user-friendly system, has we are delighted sent us a GUARDIAN ANGEL, literally. 
      Thank heavens for past captain of Castlecomer golf club and vastly experienced member, Mr Tommy O’ Neill. who has, so very, very kindly taken on board, the responsibility of giving everyone their correct green tee actual playing handicap.
 Tommy, we genuinely salute you. It is this type of volunteerism that has and continues to make the seniors and more particularly Castlecomer golf Club a wonderful club. Donie, Johnny, captain Christy and Paddy Morrissey on the cards and teams, ye are fantastic. Well done,
      AS a final note of clarification, (6) the green tee handicap in Castlecomer will be used ( same handicap as green in Castlecomer ) on  “all away courses” in 2022. Go raibh maith agaibh, go léir! 
SENIORS’ FIXTURES: on  Wednesday, 20th April at 9.30am assembly time at the bar in the Clubhouse.( Yes, we are all called to the bar, again!) the  BOG OAK competition takes place. Get your clubs dusted down, your grips replaced, if needs be etc, etc. It’s golfing high season, thank God.

Results 13th April 2022. (Scramble)

1st:   Murty Coonan (17), Ollie Maher (22), Gerry O’Neill (30)   50.0

2nd:   Ger Comerford (25), Pat Morrissey (23), John Shore (37), Michael Furlong   51.0

3rd:   Christy Comerford (17), Paddy McGuinness (15), Johnny Hardy (31), Tom Slevin (28)   52.5

4th:  Seamus Brennan (26), Liam Maddock (20), Jim Doran (38)   55.0

50 Played

12th Apr 2022. Please ensure that you are using your correct Green Course Handicap, as quite a number of wrong handicaps are being used at the moment. This will result in disqualification in both singles and team events. If you are unsure of your handicap,  check with Tommy O Neill or Donie for your correct handicap. 
Also, continue to repair pitch marks and rake bunkers as you go along. 
7th Apr 2022. Two dates for your Seniors diary;
1. First Seniors ” major ” for 2022 will take place on Wed,  20th April, playing for The Bog Oak Trophy.
2. First outing for 2022 is to Athy G.C. on Mon, 9th May, first tee off at 9.30. Names to Johnny Hardy by text or phone at 087/6289480.
More details at a later date.

Note: Results from the Bog Oak day will also count for Golfer of the Year 2022.

Results 6th April 2022.

1st:   Richie Hogan (18), Mick McGrath (31), Eddie Fogarty (32)   78pts

2nd:   Martin O’Donnell (18), John Kelly (19), Tom Slevin (28)   77pts

3rd:   Austin Kelly (23), Eamon McEvoy (28), Noreen Kinsella (33)   74pts

35 Played

3rd Apr 2022. SENIORS:   COMMITTEE 2022:   Christy Comerford  ( captain )   Donie Walsh  ( secretary ).  Johnny Hardy  ( treasurer ),  Michael Doheny ( club president ) ,  Christy McGrath,  Mick McGrath,  Joan Coonan,  Pat Morrissey,  Tommy O’ Neill,  John Shore and Tony Cooper. 
SENIORS FIXTURES: The next outing is Wednesday, 6th April, 2022 with the draw at 9.30am. With the US Masters commencing tomorrow at Augusta, Georgia, USA, and the possibility of the legendary golfer by the name of  Tiger Woods teeing off, Castlecomer seniors, no doubt will be buoyed by golf stateside and a very big turn out is expected at Castlecomer .  Near record numbers turned out in recent weeks and long may it continue with the number of ladies increasing weekly. 
The attached photo includes Tommy O’ Neill being presented with the Seniors golfer of the year cup for the 2021 season by Mr Michael Mc Grath, Seniors Captain.
Tommy a former Captain of Castlecomer Golf Club playing off a handicap of 8 was delighted to win this event. Congratulations Tommy,you are always ready to offer a little advice and encouragement on the golf course.Best wishes to all in Castlecomer Golf Club for 2022

Results 30th Mar 2022.

1st:   T. O’Neill (8), M. Pollock (31), T. Cooper (30)   79pts

2nd:   R. Hogan (20), M. O’Donnell (19), M. Gannon (30)   79pts

3rd:   S. Malone (19), S. Coogan (19), Marnie Brennan (38)   77pts

4th:   J. Brennan (11), E. Fogarty (15), P. Graham (30)   77pts

28th Mar 2022. SENIORS: The seniors completed their winter 13 hole series of golf on Wednesday, 23rd March with a marvellous turnout of 50 golfers. Today’s team classic reverts to 16 holes with holes 7 and 8 omitted. Results are as per whatsapp and Nokia. Many thanks to seniors secretary Mr Donie Walsh for wonderful communication with all seniors’ members including fixtures, results, bar and catering details as well.
BAR AND CATERING: The girls behind the bar, Alison and Barbara are doing a marvellous job. They provide a refreshingly friendly and most efficient service. Food and drink, be it tea, coffee, fresh soup, or a bit stronger is tops. Comer GC is lucky because the barrels are adjacent to the bar, so the pint is legendary. All that we need now, post covid, is members to frequent the bar. A cup of tea or coffee can be consumed in quarter of an hour and it makes such a difference to the Club. We all know, the 136 acres of majestic parkland course is the jewel in the crown, but support for the bar and catering enriches the soul and spirit of Castlecomer Golf Club – as recognised by generations of golfers in Castlecomer since its foundation, way back in 1935!
20th March 2022. SENIORS: Team Classic Results, 1 Kieran Brennan (11), Eddie Fogarty (25), Martin O’ Donnell (13), 65 pts,   2   Tom Mooney (12), Matt Pollack (22),  Mai Mc Evoy (27), 62 pts,   3   Murty Coonan (110, Seamus Brennan (18), Sean Mansfield (21), 62 pts.  37 players played. Everyone sends good wishes to competition supervisor, Leo Conway and all are delighted to hear he’s in flyin’ form.Next classic is scheduled for Wednesday, 23rd with assembly at 9.30am.
COVID 19:  With the recent surge in the incidence of the Omicron variant of covid 19, players are advised to wear masks in the clubhouse and  at a minimum sanitise your hands at the sanitizer station at the entrance door. The third important point is to maintain social distance in the clubhouse. The combination of these three basic common sense covid mitigation measures are vital to help reduce the spread of the covid 19 virus among all golfers. As with the general public, members are advised to get fully vaccinated to reduce the severity of any likely covid 19 infection. It is doing the rounds and, being invisible to the eye, is a stealthy, unrelenting predator!!
GENERAL HAND HYGIENE:  A note of caution to all golfers – especially young, but not so young too!! –  general hand hygiene was always a feature of the golfing game, especially if eating or touching food directly on the golf course. Please remember, chemicals, sprays are applied to greens etc, so golf balls pick up these bodies. A possibly nasty addition has been the urine of rodents – which may, if contact is made with the eyes, mouth or nose, inadvertently lead to WEIL’S DISEASE. Believe you me, better avoided! Please sanitise hands prior to snacking on the course!!
4th Mar 2022. The Seniors’ AGM was held in the Clubhouse on Thursday, 24th February with a vert representative attendance of ladies and men. It was a case of “out with the old” and “in with the new” as Mr John Shore retired from the secretary’s position after giving an extraordinary 17 year term as secretary. John left a rich legacy of service, kindness, exceptional good humour, joviality and banter – virtually impossible to match – but noble to strive after it.. However, his position as officer certainly is a blueprint for future generations of secretaries, with absolute dedication not alone to the seniors but to Castlecomer golf club. One also wonders, in his 17 years of unbridled joy and a rich dividend of  pleasure for everyone who graced his company, has ever a prizewinner existed who failed to  receive his prize, be it 1,  2  or  3 of the much coveted golf ball prize? Obviously  it is a rhetorical question.
      However, the seniors’ have acquired a nugget of a replacement in new secretary Donie Walsh. Donie’s credentials speak for themselves. His contribution to Castlecomer golf club, over quite a few years are recognised as matching or surpassing great club members in the past. Donie also specializes in IT and his communication skills help to keep all senior members in the loop especially whatsappers and Nokia users and this point is significantly and deeply appreciated by all the seniors’ members, a vital cohort of full members of a very progressive Castlecomer golf club. 
      Congratulations to new seniors captain, Mr Christy Comerford. Christy has a passion and infectious enthusiasm for the game of golf and over the long number of years in Castlecomer golf club, Christy has proved time and time again to be a marvellous team player – a quality which will serve him well this year.
      For luck, treasurer, Johnny Hardy continues in his role of keepin the accounts in great order, with significant transfers to the main club. Whenever a worthy charitable cause arises Johnny and a wonderful team of seniors’ members rally to the cause and long may it continue in this time of great need in our world.
       The seniors’ first competition with Christy at the helm was held on Wednesday, 2nd March, when 39 “hardy”  fans – sorry no pun intended! – played in the 13 hole 3 person team classic. Results to follow later.